Angelo Lastrina

StageNotes - A Christmas Carol

A Conversation with A Christmas Carol’s Very First Tiny Tim

By Will Steinberger, Artistic Apprentice

William O’Brien and Angelo Lastrina alternated as Tiny Tim during the original run of A Christmas Carol – in 1998. Hartford Stage caught up with Lastrina this fall to learn about his life after Tiny Tim.

Angelo LastrinaTake us back twenty years. What first compelled you to first participate in A Christmas Carol at Hartford Stage?

Acting was a big part of my life when I was younger. I was always going to New York City to see plays with my family and going on auditions. A Christmas Carol just happened to be one of the auditions I tried out for.

What did you most enjoy about acting in A Christmas Carol?

What I most enjoyed about acting in A Christmas Carol was the feeling I would get when I would go on stage. There really is nothing quite like it. When you’re a kid at a young age, there is something even more magical about it. Everything is bigger, more extravagant, exciting, and when you get out there in front of an audience you feel exhilarated.

What specific moments from the rehearsal process or performances stick with you?

Seeing each actor take on the role of the character they were playing and slowly transform so that they were no longer just an actor, but the actual character in the story.

How has your Christmas Carol experience aided you outside of theater?

My Christmas Carol experience aided me by pushing me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to become more outgoing and personable at a young age. I was only seven years old at the time, and I was part of a big production, with many people I did not know. It made me break out of my shell, which helped me on more than one occasion to navigate life.

Bill Raymond and Angelo Lastrina
Bill Raymond and Angelo Lastrina

What have you been up to since after your Christmas Carol days? Have you checked in on A Christmas Carol since your Tiny Tim days?

The last time I appeared on stage (and did acting in general) was my senior year of high school, where I played Prince Charming in Portland High School’s adaptation of Cinderella. After that, I attended the University of Connecticut and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies. I most recently graduated from the Western New England University School of Law in May 2017, and I’m taking the Connecticut Bar Exam in February. As far as checking in on A Christmas Carol, last year I attended a showing of the production because I had heard that it was Bill Raymond’s last year playing the part of Ebenezer Scrooge. After the show, I was able to meet with him and I brought with me one of the programs from when I was Tiny Tim. Once he saw it he recognized me immediately, and we caught up as well as took a picture together on the stage one last time.

Do you have any advice for children’s ensemble members just getting started with A Christmas Carol?

The best advice I can give to the children’s ensemble members is to have fun with the production and soak up every minute of it. It is a great experience, one you will not forget, so your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to enjoy it as much as possible!

How did being part of A Christmas Carol put you in the holiday spirit?

I love the holiday season. I always have. Being a part of A Christmas Carol made the entire season even more magical than it already was and made me appreciate everything that came with it even more.