Contacting Staff

You can email individual staff members using the following email format:

first initial + last name + (at)


Our Staff


Darko Tresnjak, Artistic Director
(Position permanently endowed by Janet S. Suisman)
Michael Stotts, Managing Director


Elizabeth Williamson, Associate Artistic Director
Kimber Lee, Aetna New Voices Fellow
Bruce Turk, Fox Foundation Resident Actor Fellow
Writers Currently Under Commission:
Marcus Gardley, Matthew Lopez, Janine Nabers, Will Power, Bess Wohl


Jennifer Roberts, Director of Education
Nina Pinchin, Associate Director of Education
Robert Reader, Education Programs Manager
Aurelia Clunie, Education Associate for Student Audiences
Ayla Kapiloff, Education Associate for Student Programs
Emely Larson, Studio Manager
Erin Frederick, Education Enrollment and Marketing Coordinator

General Management

Emily Van Scoy, General Manager
Stacie J. Snyder, Assistant General Manager
Scott Bartelson, Management Associate


Cheryl Winter, Bookkeeper


Bryan T. Holcombe, Production Manager
Andy Palmer, Associate Production Manager
Samantha Donnelly, Company Manager
Chandalae Nyswonger, Production Assistant

Set Construction & Scenic Art

Aaron D. Bleck, Technical Director
Mike Beschta, Assistant Technical Director
Christopher Nelson, Tina LaPonte, Ian Sweeney, Carpenters
Curt Tomczyk, Charge Scenic Artist
Carrie Peters, Stage Carpenter

Costumes & Wardrobe

Blair Gulledge, Costume Shop Manager
Brit Watts,  Assistant Costume Shop Manager
B.W. Sellers, Draper
SB Parks, Costume Crafts
Emma Tremmel, Wig/Wardrobe
Kalyn Lummis, Wardrobe Supervisor


Erin Keller, Interim Properties Manager


Aaron Hochheiser, Master Electrician
Scott Tusing, Assistant Master Electrician


Darren Alley, Audio/Video Engineer


Casey Grambo, Development Assistant
Jennifer Crookes Carpenter, Events Manager
Jim Morgan, Institutional Giving Manager

Marketing, Sales & Communications

David Henderson, Director of Marketing Sales & Communications
Todd M. Brandt, Associate Director of Marketing, Sales, and Communications
Taylor G. Benedum, Graphic Designer and Brand Manager
Tim Kendrick, Data Systems Manager
Charles MacNaughton, Digital Media Manager
Theresa MacNaughton, Community Engagement Associate
T. Charles Erickson, Company Photographer

Sales Center

Mike Davirro, Call Center Manager
Darlene Herrick, Administrative Assistant/Sales Representative
Sales Center Representatives: Todd Merrill, Linda Young

Patron Services

Darryl VanOudenhove, Box Office Manager
Peter Carey, Subscriptions Manager
Alexandra Fischbein, Box Office Supervisor
Anthony Bell, Box Office Supervisor
Customer Service Representatives: Sierra Vazquez, Lisa Rizzo, Shelly Hightower, Molly Sullivan, Damian Dominguez

House Management

Lew Michaels, Associate Director of Theatre Operations
House Managers: Jeff Lagasse, Lisa Rizzo
House Operations Staff: Brittany Boncek, Bruce Catania, Sam Chiasson, Sheznarda Flores, Antonio Giovannucci, Connor Green,  Lindsey Hoffman, Elizabeth Malvo, Andrew Mentus, Cady Michaels, Tanya Rivera

Volunteer Advisory Board

Ann Cooke, Doug Cooke, Jill Dugas, Carol Durant-Holtzclaw, Sandy Weston, Pat Tyson, Gayle Barrett, Michael Brezel, Martha Schwartz, Bobbie Werner


Abigail George – Arts Administration Apprentice
Sam French – Artistic Apprentice
Fiona Kyle – Artistic Apprentice
Joseph Musgrove – Costume Apprentice
Lyndsey Schrader – Production/Company Management Apprentice
Joe Dotts – Properties Apprentice
Chelsey Erskin –Scenic Arts Apprentice

Morningstar Education Apprentices

Andy Germuga
Cassandra Spadory