Current Subscribers

The 2014-2015 Subscriber Handbook is now online! In an effort to go green and make your subscription information more accessible, we've moved the subscriber handbook online. Now you can access this important information from anywhere, anytime. Please read through and become familiar with this year's handbook. Inside you'll find information about your subscriber benefits, ticket exchanges, box office hours and important contacts and calendars for the season. Pay special attention to the add-on events to get the most out of your subscription! Take advantage of our many free events to enhance your experience at Hartford Stage. If you have any questions about the Subscriber Handbook or have difficulty accessing it, please call the Box Office at 860-527-5151 or email us.

Virtual Valet

Never miss a show again! Sign up for our Subscriber Reminder Emails and we'll send you a friendly reminder on the week of your performance. Subscriber Reminder Emails also come packed with information about upcoming shows and Hartford Stage events. Be the first to be "in the know"! If we have your email address we can send along important information, updates on the progress of our renovation, and let you know what's happening at Hartford Stage this season. Call the Box Office or send an email to to give us your email address. Remember, Hartford Stage will never sell or trade your email address and you can choose what types of emails and information you want to receive.