Equity appointments can be made by emailing the Artistic Department at  Equity Actors without an appointment will seen on a first-come, first-served basis as time permits.

Performers of all ethnicities, ages, and physical backgrounds are strongly encouraged to attend.

Audition Information

Wednesday, April 23 and Thursday, April 24, 2014 (10-5PM)

Hartford Stage Rehearsal Studios
942 Main St.
Hartford, CT  06105

Notes/ What to bring:
Equity members: Please prepare two contrasting monologues and for singers an optional 16 bars of a song (accompanist will be provided). Equity Actor’s auditions should be no longer than 4 minutes in length.  Please bring 2 headshots w/ resumes.


Hartford Stage will hold local auditions for its upcoming production of Kiss Me, Kate on Saturday, February 14

Click here for information

Hartford Stage will hold local auditions for its upcoming production of Kiss Me, Kate on Saturday, February 14

Auditions will be by invitation only. Both Actors Equity and non-Equity actors are invited to submit headshots and resumes for consideration. Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


Submissions via email should be sent to:
Subject line: Kiss Me, Kate submissions


Submissions via USPS mail should be sent to:
Artistic Department
Attn: Kiss Me, Kate submissions
Hartford Stage
50 Church Street
Hartford, CT 06103


Kiss Me, Kate will be directed by Tony Award-winning (A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder) Artistic Director Darko Tresnjak. Peggy Hickey will be the choreographer. Rehearsals will begin April 17. Kiss Me, Kate will run at Hartford Stage from May 14 through June 14. Opening night is scheduled for Friday, May 22.


Please note:

General Local Auditions for Non-AEA members will be held mid-summer.  Please check back soon for details.

Hartford Stage- Local EPA (Monologue/ Musical)
Hartford Stage, Hartford, CT

LORT B- minimum $812

Present at auditions will be Maxwell Williams, Associate Artistic Director

  • EPA rules are in effect.
  • An accompanist will be provided.
  • A monitor will not be provided.  The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Other Dates
See Breakdown for details.

Actors for 2014-2015 Season.  See breakdown for details.

2014-2015 Season


August 26- October 5, 2014

(All roles available.)

DR. HORACE WELLS: Male. 34. Charismatic leading man. Prominent dentist. Discovers nitrous oxide as an anesthetic but fails to prove its worth. Betrayed by his former partner, Morton, driven near mad after his failure and Morton’s duplicity, he loses everything. Dignified, honorable, and determined – until he explodes.

ELIZABETH WELLS: Female. 27.  Leading lady. Married to Horace and serves as his dental assistant. Kind, loving and righteous.  She’s seen it all, and is the only person in the play who is not afraid of pain or death. Only wants what is owed her husband and defends Horace and his good name until the bitter end.

WILLIAM MORTON: Male. 27. Charming and attractive. Dentist, Horace’s partner until he breaks off to get married and become a doctor. Desperate to please, Ambitious, impatient and always looking to strike it rich. Lives in constant fear of others discovering who he really is.

ELIZABETH MORTON: Female. 20s. Comic Ingenue. William Morton’s wife. A graduate of Miss Porter’s school where she was given all the skills useful for marrying a wealthy husband. Idealistic and engaging. Possible brief nudity.

DR. CHARLES JACKSON: Male. 47. Respected surgeon, might well be a genius in another field, (having studied Geology, Chemistry, Astronomy and More), but in this one, he’s constantly mocked because he faints at the sight of blood.

DR. JOHN WARREN: Male. 68. Powerful and patrician. Renowned surgeon and professor, Beacon Hill Blue-blood, a perfectionist who is constantly disappointed by others. Loves being a surgeon. Very old school, he is not interested in a new way of doing things.

DR. BIGELOW: Male. 25. Youngest doctor on staff at Mass General. Seems to have it all: wealth, good looks and confidence. Treated like a baby by all the other doctors. Has a nose for innovation and recognizes a good idea when he sees it. Will double in other roles.

DR. AUGUSTUS GOULD: Male. 50. Spectacled conchologist and former surgeon. Can’t stand the screaming anymore. An outsider. Insecure and fragile. Could possibly double in other roles.

DR. HAYWARD: Male. 50. House surgeon. Tough and hardworking. Should be valued more by the hospital. Trying to hide his growing resentment. Will double in other roles.

MRS. WADSWORTH: Female. 50s. Wealthy patient of Horace’s. Educated. Dignified. Has impeccable taste and a dry sense of humor that escapes most people. Will double in other roles.

LIVINGSTON: Male. 20s. The top medical student. A bit of a smart ass. Ruthless enough to be Chief of Surgery some day. Will double in other roles.

DR. COLTON: Male. 40s- 50. Legitimately a doctor with a degree, but instead of practicing he puts on a stage show pretending to lecture and sell Laughing Gas. Will double in other roles.

YOUNG WOMAN IN WHITE:  Female.  Teens- 20s.  The manifestation of Horace’s laughing-gas and chloroform induced visions.  Beautiful.  Ethereal.  Will double in other roles.

INMAN: Male. 20s.  Medical student at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Will double in other roles.


September 19- November 9, 2014

(All roles available.)


November 11- December 28, 2015

Audition information will be posted soon.


December 16, 2014- February 1, 2015

(All roles available)


January 20- March 15, 2015

JONATHAN: Male. 30s. An emotionally fragile and combustible young man. Dealing (poorly) with a recent tragedy, he has withdrawn from the world, leading a life of solitude within the safety of his Astoria apartment.  His only real connection with the world is through the Internet.  He’s always been someone who feels emotions much more acutely than others.  Now that they are dark and painful, he tries to numb them with alcohol and anonymous sex.  He’s going down a rabbit hole that he is in danger of never escaping. And yet, despite all this, he still has the ability to love and be compassionate, but only when moved to by others. Left to his own devices, he’d destroy himself.  This role requires nudity.

CLAIRE: Female. Late 20s. The human equivalent of a sheer curtain fluttering by an open window.  Light to Jonathan’s dark. A bit of a wanderer with no real roots set down anywhere, Claire is a wanna-be fashionista without the budget to fully commit to the lifestyle. She dates older, married men in exchange for nice things and fancy dinners. She drinks too much but not in the way Jonathan does. She flits, she flirts. She is pink champagne. But once you get to know her, you start to realize that all of this is simply a mask guarding against her own demons.  She makes bad decisions but she makes them with style. She is, in her own way, just as lonely and self-destructive as Jonathan.  This role requires nudity.

WES:  Male. 20s. Possessed of the wide-eyed optimism of youth and yet with a loneliness equal to Jonathan and Claire’s, if not yet as fully articulated.  You get the sense he doesn’t have many real friends, just acquaintances, most of whom seem to be from online hook-ups, which he engages in frequently.  Despite his youth, he is an old soul.  He yearns for love and happiness but doesn’t know how, exactly, to get either. He is charming and seductive and is learning how to use his youth and his body to get what he wants.  The trouble is, the things he wants aren’t often obtained through either tactic.  He is a young man still forming an identity.  One has high hopes for him.  But danger signs abound.  This role requires nudity.


March 23, 2015- April 26, 2015



April 17- June 7, 2015

(All roles are available.)