Age of Innocence

The Age of Innocence

The Age of Innocence

April 5 – May 6

By Edith Wharton

Adapted for the Stage by Douglas McGrath

Directed by Doug Hughes

Approximate Running Time: 1 hour, 40 minutes with no intermission.

Recommended Ages: 14+

The Gilded Age of the 1870s.

New York City society at its most cultivated, wealthy and rigid—an elite class of people who dreaded scandal more than disease. In her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Edith Wharton introduces us to the courtly young gentleman lawyer Newland Archer; his traditional and demure fiancée May; and the free-spirited Countess Olenska, who has come home from Europe, tainted by scandal. From the moment Newland meets the Countess, he is torn between virtue and desire, and all three are forced to make the agonizing choice, ever old and ever new, between love and honor.

Presented in Association with the McCarter Theatre Center.

Helen Cespedes (front); Sara Norton(L-R) Tony Ward, Josh Salt, Nick WymanSierra Boggess (front), Sara Norton, Deirdre MadiganThe cast of The Age of Innocence(L-R) Andrew Veenstra, Helen Cespedes, Darrie Lawrence, Deirdre MadiganHaviland Morris(L-R) Boyd Gaines, Sierra Boggess, Andrew VeenstraHelen Cespedes and Andrew VeenstraAndrew VeenstraSierra BoggessSierra Boggess, Andrew Veenstra, Josh Salt and Boyd Gaines (back)Boyd Gaines (back), Sierra Boggess, Andrew VeenstraBoyd GainesSierra Boggess and Andrew VeenstraSierra BoggessAndrew Veenstra(L-R) Josh Salt, Andrew VeenstraBoyd GainesNick WymanBoyd Gaines, Helen CespedesBoyd Gaines (back), Sierra BoggessDaniel OwensSierra Boggess and Andrew VeenstraSierra Boggess and Andrew VeenstraSierra Boggess and Andrew VeenstraAndrew Veenstra and Helen CespedesBoyd GainesBoyd Gaines

All photos by T. Charles Erickson.


Adapted for the Stage by
Douglas McGrath

Based on the Novel By
Edith Wharton

Doug Hughes

Scenic Designer
John Lee Beatty

Costume Designer
Linda Cho

Lighting Designer
Ben Stanton

Original Music & Sound Design
Mark Bennett

Wig & Hair Design
Charles LaPointe

Peter Pucci

Yan Li

Production Stage Manager
Lori Lundquist

Assistant Stage Manager
Jared Oberholtzer

Casting Director
Caparelliotis Casting


Countess Ellen Olenska
Sierra Boggess

May Welland
Helen Cespedes

The Old Gentleman
Boyd Gaines

Mrs. Manson Mingott
Darrie Lawrence

Mrs. Welland/Mrs. Van Der Luyden/Florist
Deirdre Madigan

Mrs. Archer
Haviland Morris

Josh Salt

Newland Archer
Andrew Veenstra

Mr. Van Der Luyden/Larry Lefferts/Letterblair
Tony Ward 

Julius Beaufort/Sillerton Jackson/Mr. Hickey
Nick Wyman

Students from The Hartt School at the University of Hartford

Sara Norton, Daniel Owens, Sara Schwab, Alessandro Gian Viviano


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Richard P. Garmany Fund

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The Katharine K. McLane & Henry R. McLane Charitable Trust

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Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation

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