Cloud 9

February 23 - March 19

By Caryl Churchill
Directed by Elizabeth Williamson

Unexpected trysts. Gender swaps. Role reversals. Power plays. Victorian repression clashes with liberal expression as we follow a British family from colonial Africa to London in the 1970s. Caryl Churchill’s provocative comedy explores the ever-changing world of sexual politics as it asks what it takes for each of us to reach our own Cloud 9. Cloud 9 was Caryl Churchill’s first international hit. Some of the British playwright’s other works include Top Girls, Mad Forest, Love and Information, A Number and Serious Money. The Guardian recently wrote that Churchill “now shares with Tom Stoppard the title of Britain’s most significant living dramatist.”


Director Elizabeth Williamson Dramaturg Fiona Kyle Set Designer Nick Vaughan Costume Designer Ilona Somogyi Lighting Designer York Kennedy Sound Designer Andre Pluess Assistant Lighting Designer Sean Forsythe Fight Choreographer Greg Webster Vocal Coach Ben Furey Associate Music Director Alexander Sovronsky Casting Binder Casting Jack Bowdan, CSA Stage Manager Denise Cardarelli Assistant Stage Manager Ellen Goldberg


Joshua/Gerry William John Austin Edward/Betty Mia Dillon Clive/Cathy Mark H. Dold Maud/Victoria Emily Gunyou Halaas Ellen/Mrs. Saunders/Lin Sarah Lemp Betty/Edward Tom Pecinka Harry/Martin Chandler Williams


How Do You Reach Cloud 9?

Cloud 9 Trailer


Tom PecinkaMark H. Dold (front) and Sarah Lemp (back)Sarah Lemp and Mark H. DoldMark H. Dold, Chandler Williams and William John AustinWilliam John AustinEmily Gunyou HalaasSarah Lemp and Tom PecinkaChandler WilliamsSarah Lemp and Mark H. DoldThe cast of Cloud 9Mia DillonThe cast of Cloud 9Emily Gunyou HalaasSarah Lemp and Emily Gunyou HalaasTom Pecinka and William John AustinSarah Lemp, Emily Gunyou Halaas and Tom PecinkaMark H. DoldChandler WilliamsTom PecinkaWilliam John Austin

Photos by T. Charles Erickson.


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