Sponsor Spotlight

Cry it Out

Meet Cry it Out Show Sponsor Stanley Black & Decker

by Claire Stermer, Development Apprentice

Hartford Stage is proud to recognize Stanley Black & Decker as the lead sponsor for Cry it Out. Abigail Dreher, Director of Public Affairs for Stanley Black & Decker, noted that Cry it Out’s themes of motherhood and working women, coupled with the company’s commitment to equity for women in the workplace, as the primary reasons for supporting the production.

With over 60,000 employees spread across 60 countries around the world, Stanley Black & Decker is a diversified and global industrial leader. In 2017 Stanley Black & Decker was ranked #1 by Mogul’s Top 100 Companies for Millennial Women. The award comes well deserved, as the company actively leads initiatives to achieve gender equity in the workplace.

As leaders in the Hartford community, Stanley Black & Decker is committed to fostering an environment where diversity can thrive. President and CEO Jim Loree signed on to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, and nearly 400 of Stanley Black & Decker’s top leaders joined him in committing to take action “to cultivate a trusting environment where all ideas are welcomed, and employees feel comfortable and empowered to discuss diversity and inclusion.”

At Stanley Black & Decker, they believe in order to be engaged it is imperative to feel included and valued. A common goal among leaders at the company is to build and nurture a culture where “inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative.” Dreher praised the C-Suite Executives and Board Directors in their efforts and engagement of driving diversity and inclusion within the company. By leading from the top down, articulating goals, and evaluating results, employees are given the tools they need to succeed.

In an effort to support an inclusive environment for all employees, Dreher noted that Stanley Black & Decker has a number of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), including groups for Veterans, LGTBQ (Pride & Allies), African Ancestry, and Developing Professionals.  The first ERG to be established was the Women’s Network, which seeks to help women grow and develop into leadership positions. Open to all women at Stanley Black & Decker across the globe, the Women’s Network is founded on three guiding principles: Networking, Knowledge, and Leadership. Women’s Network helps increase trust and partnerships across the enterprise by making sure women at all levels of the organization can access mentoring, knowledge sharing and guidance.

This summer, Stanley Black & Decker won four Comparably Awards for leadership, diversity and development, including ranking #5 for Best Company for Professional Development and ranking #16 for Best CEO for Women. A top priority at Stanley Black & Decker is ensuring employees feel welcomed, valued, and are able to build successful careers.

Stanley Black & Decker respects and embraces the diversity of its employees by understanding how different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds result in a stronger work environment. Through its community outreach and awareness activities, Stanley Black & Decker demonstrates the importance of engaging in conversation about equity, diversity and inclusion.

Stanley Black & Decker