Teachers are Talking

Teachers are Talking


“Excellent preview to reading the novel.  My students are absolutely engrossed in the novel this week!”
 – Roaring Brook Elementary (Avon)

“I could see and hear the excitement of my students.  They were very excited to receive their own copy of the book and can’t wait to begin reading it.”
– Sunset Ridge (East Hartford)

“Great questioning skills and predicting, helped in reading and in writing.  Especially helped their ability to use descriptive words and emotions during writing.  Really helped spark their imagination.”
– Waddell Elementary (Manchester)

“The teaching artist conveyed her expectations of group work very similar to the style I use in the classroom.  She scaffolded the students by presenting a scene herself, demonstrated using an example group and then released the groups to work, traveling around to each group to guide them.”
– Verplank Elementary (Manchester)

“Having the teaching artist in my classroom made Shakespeare come alive for my students in ways I never would have expected.  Some of my toughest cases—special education students, reluctant readers, low achievers, and several students who never participate in class—were engaged in the activities and recalled specific details many weeks later!  I can’t overstate what the week with the teaching artist meant to increasing my students’ interest in reading.  Because of the teaching artist’s involvement, nearly 100% of my students were begging for their copies of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the end of the week!”
– Breakthrough Magnet School (Hartford) 


“The students developed a deeper understanding of the pushes/ pulls concept. The students have used this learning in conversation and other work we have done. When I see my reluctant learners fully engaged and participating I know it is meaningful to them. I have seen my students ‘come alive’ during these arts enriched experiences, such as they did during the Innovations program. “
–  Squadron Line Elementary (Simsbury)


“The children loved moving at different (physical) levels. It has been easily added to their repertoire. The students added a box to their drama/ storytelling time! It has become a car, a doghouse, a table, etc, etc! In the fall we plan on filling the box with simple props as a follow up to their great experience.
– Cheshire Nursery School (Cheshire)

Professional Development

“I had the fortunate experience to have two [teaching artists]. Both were fantastic. They gave me ideas for reading novels and having kids perform play versions, tableaux, and reading poems. So much fun!”
– 7th grade, McDonough Expeditionary Learning School, Hartford

“The program was amazing this year! Great integration of the content as well as improvisational drama. Students were engaged and excited to begin reading the story. [The teaching artist] did a fantastic job with the tableau and made me feel comfortable using it again in the classroom.…I have also begun to think of how I can integrate similar activities into other lessons in order to generate classroom discussion and interest in reading topics.”
– 6th grade, Clark School, Hartford

“Excellent writing activities that can supplement our writing curriculum. This was the best Hartford Stage professional development yet. I loved the ideas for writing, and bringing in art, as well.”
– 3rd grade, Silver Lane School, East Hartford