Heartbreak House

May 11 - June 11

By George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Darko Tresnjak

“This house is full of surprises for them that don’t know our ways.”

“An increasingly gripping intellectual drama in which the battering of hearts is merely the pretext for a clash of philosophies.”
Heartbreak House is Shaw’s comic and caustic masterpiece about the venerable Captain Shotover, his daughters, one liberal, the other conservative, and a household full of bickering guests in a home that's like a ship - or a country - charting uncertain waters. When the beautiful but impoverished Ellie Dunn arrives, she gets a lesson in romance, politics, and the art of navigation. Shaw’s most ambitious and prophetic achievement, Heartbreak House is set in England in 1914, but its themes and concerns reach across the twentieth century well into our own age. Other works by Shaw include Pygmalion, Mrs. Warren’s Profession, Saint Joan, Major Barbara and Arms and the Man.


Director Darko Tresnjak Dramaturg Elizabeth Williamson Set Designer Colin McGurk Costume Design Ilona Somogyi Lighting Design Matthew Richards Sound Design Jane Shaw Vocal Coach Ben Furey Casting Binder Casting Jack Bowdan, CSA Stage Manager Robyn M. Zalewski Assistant Stage Manager Stephanie Holmes


Miles Anderson Captain Shotover Tessa Auberjonois Lady Utterword Dani De Waal Ellie Dunn Grant Goodman Randall Utterword Andrew Long Boss Mangan Charlotte Parry Hesione Hushabye Keith Reddin Mazzini Dunn Stephen Barker Turner Hector Hushabye Mary VanArsdel Nurse Guinness


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Why should you see Heartbreak House?

Captain Shotover Meets Ellie Dunn

Darko Tresnjak on Heartbreak House

The Shotover Sisters

Heartbreak House Set Construction Time Lapse


Dani De WaalDani De Waal, Miles Anderson, Mary VanArsdelKeith Reddin, Dani De WaalCharlotte ParryCharlotte Parry, Dani De WaalThe cast of Heartbreak HouseTessa Auberjonois, Andrew Long (background)Charlotte Parry, Stephen Barker TurnerCharlotte ParryMiles AndersonTessa Auberjonois, Grant Goodman, Stephen Barker TurnerGrant Goodman (Top), Dani De Waal, Miles AndersonThe cast of Heartbreak HouseMiles AndersonThe cast of Heartbreak House

All photos by T. Charles Erickson.


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