Quixote Nuevo


Meet the Cast: Emilio Delgado

“I read the play, and I thought it was a fantastic theme. And I certainly wanted to be a part of it. It’s a comedy, and we have music in it. There’s serious moments and funny moments, and the the language is absolutely amazing. I’m enjoying playing Don Quixote because there’s a lot of stuff in the play that I identify with in terms of culture, in terms of language, in terms of how people interact with each other.”

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Emilio Delgado

Meet the Cast: Gisela Chipe

“As an actor, it is so freeing and so fun to play so many different versions of one character…This has been such a wonderful, collaborative experience thus far. Octavio Solis and KJ Sanchez were very open to my questions and thoughts about Dr. Campos. What is Dr. Campos actually doing here? And if we’re trying to do an adaptation of a classic, can we include things like a female agency for herself?”

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Gisela Chipe

Meet the Artist: Quixote Nuevo Composer David Molina

“It kind of gives all the music this kind of weird, off-kilter kind of jangly sound. The only way I can describe it is if Tom Waits made a Mexican Norteño album. That’s the vibe that I went for for the music.” Sound Designer and Composer David R. Molina discusses the music of Quixote Nuevo.

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David Molina

Meet our new leadership team: Artistic Director Melia Bensussen and Managing Director Cynthia Rider

Sometimes being the new kids on the block can be a stress-filled time, but newly-appointed leaders Artistic Director Melia Bensussen and Managing Director Cynthia Rider are taking it all in stride.

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Melia Bensussen and Cynthia Rider

From Hartford Stage to NYC: Rethinking New Play Development

Williamson points to Kaneza Schaal’s genre-crossing Hartford Stage commission JACK & as the perfect example of how a unique development process can be tailored to the needs of a specific piece: “For JACK &, Kaneza asked for time in Hartford with a ballroom dance instructor, and for visits from a number of guest artists, as she spent a week working out different sections of the show.

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New Play Development

Sponsor Spotlight: The Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation

“We think the biggest opportunity facing Hartford today lies in building a relationship with its young people. It is so exciting to see all the students in downtown – UConn, Capital Community College and University of St Joseph’s Pharmacy School. They are the future workforce, homeowners, taxpayers and, of course, arts patrons, artists, arts leaders and donors.”

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The Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation

Education @ Hartford Stage Costume Designer Damian Dominguez

“I am a first generation Mexican-American. My parents immigrated from Mexico in the early ‘80s. Like so much of the theatre world, the costume design industry is making a shift toward a more inclusive and diverse future, and it’s absolutely exciting. Seeing fresh new faces, including many women and people of color, is giving hope to young designers like myself.”

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Damian Dominguez

Meet the Staff: Carly Oliver, Education Associate

“One of the things I loved about my apprenticeship at Hartford Stage is what a hands-on experience it was. I was trained on and given the opportunity to teach many of the same programs I’m now working on as a full-time teaching artist.”

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Carly Oliver

Short Takes: News from Hartford Stage

A look at our lobby; 2019/2020 Season kick-off celebration;  Quixote Nuevo playwright Octavio Solis at the Mark Twain House; Scott Bartelson to participate in CAELI Program; TCG Audience (R)evolution Grant; Education @ Hartford Stage Summer Studio recap; Cry it Out.

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