Absolute Brightness

Save the NEA

Uncertain Arts Funding

Act Now!

The 2018 federal budget plan revealed by President Donald J. Trump has proposed the elimination of funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), and National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).
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James Lecesne

An Interview with James Lecesne

Meet the Artist

I’m thrilled to be returning to Hartford with The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey. For me theater is so much about community—building it, caring for it, while challenging and celebrating everyone who is a member.
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Trevor Project

The Trevor Project Crisis Hotline

How Little Ripples Create Big Change

The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey is not the first time creator James Lecesne has explored the world of an alienated young man. His first exploration of the theme grew into something so powerful it became a national organization called The Trevor Project.
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James Lecesne and Duncan Sheik

An Interview with Duncan Sheik

Meet the Artist

The story is a mystery that you are attempting to solve. You want the music to elevate that air of “whoa, what’s going on” and at the same time, there is this beautiful/melancholy/sadness about what has happened.
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Robinson and Cole

Robinson+Cole Supports Brightness & Hartford’s Bright Future

Over the years, Robinson+Cole has been an active supporter of Hartford Stage, specifically committed to programming that addresses themes of diversity. Their company’s Diversity Action Plan seeks to achieve an inclusive, highly diverse, and flexible work environment that values and respects all employees.
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True Colors

True Colors

Meet Our Community Partner

Hartford Stage is delighted to partner with True Colors, a non-profit organization in Hartford that works to ensure that the needs of sexual and general minority youth are recognized and served.
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Career Day

Hartford Stage Career Day

Many young people have big dreams of growing up to become a famous actor or actress. However, sometimes those dreams are dashed as they grow up and realize that perhaps they get stage fright, or someone at their school is a better actor, or they’re afraid of the uncertainty of a performer’s job prospects.
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Natalie Pertz

Meet the Staff

Natalie Pertz, Resident Teaching Artist

“It was not until the second half of high school that I was truly ‘bit by the theatre bug’ and knew that I wanted to pursue it into college and beyond.”
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Summer Studio

Spend the Summer with Hartford Stage!

Pippin and Singin’ in the Rain Jr. on Stage

Now in its 5th year at Hartford Stage, this popular program invites students ages 3 to 19 to explore the excitement and drama of live theatre over the course of their 1-week, 2-week, 4-week or 5-week program.
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Short Takes

News from Hartford Stage

Anastasia opens on Broadway, Trevor Project Fundraiser, Unitarian Society talks about Absolute Brightness, Project Transform, Absolute Brightness Raffle.
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