Rachel Alderman

Meet the Staff

Rachel Alderman, Artistic Associate

“I’m thrilled to work with everyone from the Equity artists to the Hartt Students to the Young Performers Company on what is a beautiful holiday event for not just our city – but our state.”
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Postcard Exchange

Messages Across Time and Imagination

The Postcards Exchange “is a question and answer exchange between 4th and 5th grade West Hartford students and artists and actors from Hartford Stage.” For nine years, Hartford Stage has participated in this “artful dialogue between Actor and Audience.”
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The Industrial Revolution in Victorian England

“Steam is changing our entire way of life…”

The Victorian period in England’s history is a case study in stark contrasts: the beauty and richness of the aristocracy versus the poverty and depression of the poor working class. The middle class was essentially nonexistent…
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Kevin Bacon and McKinley Belcher III

Rear Window Opening Night

Intrigue, Cheers & Paparazzi

Three hundred Hartford Stage supporters filled Trumbull Kitchen, the evening’s sponsor, to celebrate the opening night of Rear Window.
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Mr. Toad


Winter Studio Classes for Youth

The Education Department at Hartford Stage has just the cure to beat those winter blues as we start our Winter Youth Studio classes on Saturday, January 16!
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Child Labor in Dickens’ Time

Children were frequently maimed, often worse

The burgeoning industrialization of Great Britain required a large and cheap workforce. Lenient labor laws made children a prime source of workers, and by 1830, children made up 50% of the workforce…
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Buzz Roddy

An Interview with Scrooge

A Story from Christmas Past…Meet our Matinee Scrooge Buzz Roddy

Hartford Stage is a place that I’ve been itching to work at for many a year. Actors like me, who work all over the country, pay extra attention when Hartford announces its season every year and ponder what roles we might play.
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