Having Our Say

Having Their Say

Having Their Say:

Generations in Conversation

An oral history project designed to gather and preserve the past through interviews.
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Delany Family

Witnessing History

The Life & Times of the Delany Family

An historical overview of the late Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, as lived by the Delany Family.
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Brenda Pressley

A Conversation with Actress Brenda Pressley

Meet the Artist

“The human spirit is indomitable. No matter what you are dealt in life, if you so choose – you can conquer anything. The Delany sisters were perfect examples of that – I am in awe of these women.”
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Romeo & Juliet

Making Amends at Romeo & Juliet

Life Mirrors Art

Read about two groups in attendance at our student matinee whose relationship with each other echoed the events portrayed onstage in Shakespeare’s tale of a tragic feud.
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Emily Mann

Emily Mann

A Conversation with the Adaptor/Director

“One of course is the whole question about tracing African-American history through the lives of the sisters and the memories of their parents so that you get a very long sweep of personal history.”
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Erin Keller

Erin Keller, Properties Manager

Meet the Staff

“I’ve been pretty lucky to have had exposure to the arts for most of my life. I’ve been in love with telling stories for as long as I can remember.”
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Rosa Parks

Important Historical Figures in Having Our Say

From Marian Anderson to Malcolm X

“No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.” –Booker T. Washington
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Rock and Roll with Hartford Stage!

Education @Hartford Stage

This summer brings with it the season of poodle skirts, malted milkshakes and rock and roll at Hartford Stage’s Youth Summer Studio! Students ages three to 19 will explore the excitement and drama of live theatre.
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