Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Peter Carey, Subscriptions Manager

Peter Carey, Subscriptions Manager

By Theresa MacNaughton, Community Engagement Associate

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m originally from Old Saybrook, Connecticut, but recently moved to Hartford. I graduated from the Hartt School of Music, Dance, and Theater with a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts Management.

Tell us about the first time you experienced live theatre and how it impacted you.

I can barely remember the first time I experienced live theater since I was a baby on my Mom’s hip as she directed shows for East Catholic High School, so I pretty much grew up in the theater. As far as an early experience as an audience member goes, my favorite memory is of an Off-Broadway performance of Jesus Christ Superstar as a teenager. The direction of that production was much different and more modern than what I expected, and it showed me that you can take a well-known show and give it a completely different feel depending on how it is staged.  

Take us through a day in the life of a subscriptions manager.

If I’m not processing subscriptions or solving a seating issue, you can usually find me preparing for next year’s renewals. Renewing 7,500 subscribers and keeping everything organized is a big job, and there is always a way to improve the process for the following year.

When you subscribe to Hartford Stage…you become part of the Hartford Stage family, and you are helping to support the fantastic art that goes on to our stage.

What do you like most about working with subscribers?

My favorite part about working with subscribers is chatting with them and seeing how excited they all are about the art that we produce at Hartford Stage. It makes the job much easier and more fun knowing that our subscribers are just as excited as I am about being a part of everything we do here.

What’s the most difficult part of your job?  

The most difficult part of my job is probably trying to keep everyone happy at once. Everyone has their own specific needs and desires when it comes to the theater, and it becomes a bit of a balancing act keeping track of who wants what and if/when I can make it happen for them.

Why should people become Hartford Stage subscribers?

While becoming a subscriber can be a big commitment, it is definitely something to consider. It’s easy to talk about the benefits you receive when becoming a subscriber (consistent seats, no exchange fees, discounts on additional tickets, and invitations to special events), but it’s a little tougher describing the feeling you get from being a subscriber. When you subscribe to Hartford Stage, you don’t just purchase the entire season at once – you become part of the Hartford Stage family, and you are helping to support the fantastic art that goes on to our stage. The fact that you take a chance and purchase in advance says a lot about the quality of our work and energizes us to keep creating better productions and a better experience.

What has been your personal favorite production at Hartford Stage and why?

My favorite production at Hartford Stage so far has to have been Somewhere. I think it occupies an interesting space between traditional play and musical, and I have yet to see anything else like it. It definitely made me a Matthew Lopez fan!

Do you have other talents or passions outside of working in theatre?

Although I work in theater, I’m a musician at heart. So, outside of work I enjoy playing guitar, saxophone, and singing. In addition to that, you will most likely find me on my snowboard or in my kitchen honing my cooking skills.

What is your personal motto in life?

Always keep an open mind as you go through life. You never know when something unexpected and awesome might come your way.