Breakdancing Shakespeare

Breakdancing Shakespeare

Get paid to do what you love!

Breakdancing Shakespeare is a PAID 5-week summer program for students ages 14-21, and is part of the Greater Hartford Arts Council’s Creative Youth Workforce Program.

Breakdancing Shakespeare apprentices will learn breakdancing techniques, physical and vocal characterization, movement, and interpretation of classical text and use these skills to put a modern twist on a classic Shakespearean play. What culminates is an exciting, high-energy performance that makes Shakespeare accessible to audiences of all ages.

Application/Audition Details

PLEASE NOTE: All applicants MUST attend a dance/acting audition on Tuesday May 24 (timeslots are available from 3pm-8pm). Walk-ins are welcome though appointments are preferred. Masks required.

•  This summer we will be hosting 12 actor/dancer/singer/beat-box/rap artists. 

• Eligibility: All apprentices must be from the Greater Hartford area. Applicants must be between the ages of 14-21.

• Stipend: $200/week

• Program Dates are June 27 – July 30. Monday-Friday 10am-4pm (5 weeks total).

• Apprentices will rehearse a hip-hop inspired version of Macbeth with breakdance and original recorded music along with Shakespeare’s famous text. Performances will take place on the Hartford Stage mainstage July 28, 29 and 30 at 7pm.

For questions and to schedule an audition time: contact Nina Pinchin at or 860-520-7266.