Cry it Out

Meet the Cast: Rachel Spencer Hewitt

“I can relate to Jessie because I have two kids now, five and two-and-a-half. And in the newborn phase, there is definitely this surprise factor of suddenly putting forth the same amount of effort and it’s just coming out in whatever way it wanted to.” Watch Video…

Rachel Spencer Hewitt

Meet the Artist: Sound Designer Karin Graybash

“As a sound designer, it is my job to pay attention to sounds and how sounds can enhance day-to-day experiences.  I tend to incorporate that into all aspects of my life, including parenting, and especially including playtime.  This can be a lot of fun and my 6-year-old has learned a great deal about acoustics. ” Read more…

Karin Graybash

Meet the Artist: Director Rachel Alderman

“There was something about the script when I read it where I read it…this was my experience. Becoming a new parent is like taking a giant leap of faith into an unknown universe where you think you have tools, and you think you have support, and you think you have prepped – in some respect. And then you give birth, and it’s the twilight zone – or at least it was for me and for many other people that I know.” Watch Video

Rachel Alderman

The Economics of Parenthood

The impact of socioeconomic status on parenthood worsens when the cost of childcare is factored in. If the cost of childcare is less than 7% of a family’s annual income, it is considered affordable according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. Read more…

Economics of Parenthood

Sponsor Spotlight: Stanley Black & Decker

With over 60,000 employees spread across 60 countries around the world, Stanley Black & Decker is a diversified and global industrial leader. In 2017 Stanley Black & Decker was ranked #1 by Mogul’s Top 100 Companies for Millennial Women. The award comes well deserved, as the company actively leads initiatives to achieve gender equity in the workplace. Read more…

Stanley Black & Decker

CT Inclusive Arts Partnership

Education @ Hartford Stage has formed a new partnership with CT Inclusive Arts to help increase access to the arts for all students and abilities in the Greater Hartford area. CT Inclusive Arts, founded in 2018, engages youth of all abilities in the Greater Hartford area through an innovative and inclusive performing and visual arts education program. Read more…

CT Inclusive Arts Partnership

Meet the 2019/2020 Apprentices

This season’s apprentices come from all over but maintain the same passions of theatre and upholding the arts for future generations. In welcoming this year’s apprentices, we spoke with them about how their love for theatre began, what led them to Hartford Stage, and why they’ve chosen the career path they pursue. Read more…

Meet the Apprentices

Short Takes

A look at our lobby; Parent Artist Advocacy League; Hartford Stage Open; Latinx Artist Exhibition; Education @ Hartford Stage Vacation Week; Tiny Tim’s Holiday Food Drive; Up Next: A Christmas Carol. Read more…

Short Takes