Flex Pass

Introducing Flex Pass:  A New Way to Subscribe

Enjoy great savings all year — with less upfront commitment!  With life’s unpredictability these days, we’re introducing a new way to save as a subscriber at Hartford Stage.   

Low Entry Cost

When you buy a Flex Pass for just $39, you’ll be able to purchase tickets for any show (including A Christmas Carol) for the 2024/2025 season at a discounted rate. Build your own subscription package by purchasing tickets to as many shows as you like from the beginning of the season, or wait until you’re closer to the month of the performance and enjoy the same great savings.  

Early Access

Flex Pass Subscribers will receive early access to book tickets in July BEFORE they go on sale to the general public. .  

Sit Anywhere

Want to move around and try different seats? With a Flex Pass, you can book your own ticket and choose what price zone you want to sit in for each performance. Try seeing a show from a new perspective, sit closer to the stage for your favorite production, or keep to the same* familiar area every time. The choice is yours! 

Bring Your Friends and Family

With a Flex Pass Bundle, you can purchase two or more Flex Passes and book your seats together. Use it to bring your partner, a friend you love going to the theater with, or as a placeholder to bring someone different every time. Each Flex Pass will allow you to purchase one ticket at the Flex Pass rate per show.  

Extra Ticket Discount

Enjoy 10% off any additional tickets you want to purchase outside of your Flex Pass allotment. (Discount cannot be applied to A Christmas Carol.)  

Free Exchanges

Can’t make your performance date? Don’t worry! Subscribers can exchange tickets to any other performance of the same show.  

How does Flex Pass work?

  1. Buy your Flex Pass
    Follow the link below to purchase your Flex Pass or Flex Pass Bundle (2 or more). Remember: 1 Flex Pass = 1 Discounted ticket per production. If you are attending Hartford Stage with multiple people, please purchase a Flex Pass for each one.
  2. Complete your purchase to activate your Flex Pass.
    Once you complete your Flex Pass purchase, your account will be active as a Flex Pass Subscriber. (Please give it 5-10 minutes for technology to work behind then scenes!) The next time you log into your account using the same login email, all pricing will adjust based on your Flex Pass status. Please note all future ticket purchases will also reflect your purchase history and automatically give you the Flex Pass discount or the additional ticket discount. All prices are adjusted when added to your cart.
  3. Purchase your tickets to a performance!
    Buy anytime online. Just select the Hartford Stage performance your would like to attend and your tickets. Log into your account and when you add the tickets to your cart, you will receive your discounted tickets. Or contact the Box Office at (860) 527-5151 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.


The initial cost of a Flex Pass is $39 for the 2024/2025 season which unlocks for the following discounts throughout the year when you book your tickets. 

*Standard ticket price is subject to change throughout the year. The Flex Pass discount amount will stay constant, final ticket price subject to change. 

How is this different than a season subscription?
A season subscription at Hartford Stage unlocks some of the same benefits – free exchanges and additional discounts – but requires upfront payment and guarantees you the same seat for every performance. Season subscriptions also come with the option to auto-renew, which saves you the hassle of re-subscribing every year and includes the additional perk of free drink coupons when you come to the theater. With Flex Pass, there is a small upfront cost, and then you purchase discounted tickets whenever you are ready to see a show. There are many reasons why a certain package might be a better fit for you. If you have any additional questions or want to talk through your options, our box office team is available to chat via phone or email.  


  Flex Pass  Season 
Upfront commitment  $39  $112.50 – $400  
Free exchanges  Yes  Yes 
Guaranteed seating  No  Yes 
Needs early commitment  No  Yes 
Available to purchase any time of year  Yes  No 
A Christmas Carol included in package  Yes  No 
Discount on additional tickets  10% off  20% off 
Can bundle multiple packages together  Yes  Yes 
Book online  Yes  Limited 
Early access  Limited  Guaranteed 
Free drink coupons  No  Limited 
Discount at the gift shop  Coming soon!  Coming soon! 
Discount at the bar  Coming soon!  Coming soon! 


Is this the same as EZ Tix? 
EZ Tix was a ticketing package that Hartford Stage offered a few seasons ago and is no longer available today. Flex Pass operates differently, in that there is a smaller upfront fee, offers more convenient booking, and a larger range of seating options. 

I used to be a Mini Package subscriber. Is this the same thing?
A Flex Pass subscription offers you the same flexibility to attend only a few productions throughout the year while still enjoying subscriber benefits, plus early access to book your seats before tickets go on sale to the general public.  

Can my spouse and I share one Flex Pass? What is a Flex Pass Bundle?
One Flex Pass equals one ticket. A Flex Pass Bundle (two or more Flex Passes) allows you to purchase multiple tickets at the same time. 

How many people can I add to my Flex Pass Bundle?
You can include up to 9 Flex Passes in your bundle. 10 or more tickets qualify for a group discount 

How do I use my Flex Pass? How do I book a Flex Pass bundle?
Please see our “How does Flex Pass work?” section above. 

What if I’m not able to come to every show? 
No problem! With a Flex Pass, you can choose how many productions you want to see throughout the year and book your seats as you get closer. Please contact the box office to let us know if you’re not able to attend a performance you booked tickets for already to discuss your options.  

How much does it cost to see every show in the season? 
Depending on where you’d like to sit for each performance and how many shows you’d like to see throughout the year, pricing will vary. Please check the pricing grid above to customize your subscription.  

Do I need to buy it before the season begins?
No, you can purchase a Flex Pass at any point during the year. 

What if I don’t like the shows I see?
Like any subscription at Hartford Stage, being a subscriber means that you may see some great theater that you love and will remember forever, or you may see a production that challenges you, or that you don’t agree with. The beauty of art is that it is up to you to interpret it as you wish.  Subscriptions and tickets at Hartford Stage are non-refundable.  

I bought tickets but now I can’t or don’t want to attend the performance. What do I do?
With a Flex Pass, you’re eligible for free exchanges if you’re not able to attend the performance that you had previously selected. Please contact the box office to find another time and day for the show run that works better for you. If you’re not able to exchange into another performance of that show, or don’t want to see the show, our team can convert your purchase into a donation and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt

Can I enroll my Flex Pass for auto-renew? 
Not at this moment, but we’re working on it. Stay tuned! 

What if I’m already a season subscriber?
You can either stick with your current subscription with guaranteed seating or switch to Flex Pass and we’ll refund you the difference. Please contact the box office to discuss your options.  

*Flex Pass subscribers are not guaranteed seating. If you prefer guaranteed seating in the same location, please click here to learn about our full season subscription or contact the box office.

Upgrade fees apply if you exchange into a seat in a higher price zone.

Each Flex Pass may be used to book one seat per show.

If you have multiple Flex Passes in your account (Flex Pass Bundle), you may select up to that many seats per show. They do not need to all be booked for the same performance. 
Additional tickets beyond your Flex Pass allotment can be purchased with a 10% subscriber discount. Additional ticket discount does not apply to A Christmas Carol. 

If you have any questions, please review the FAQ here or contact the box office to chat with a customer service representative.