A Christmas Carol 2014


Meet the Artist: Alan Rust

The Ghost of Christmas Present

As one of the original cast members of A Christmas Carol, actor Alan Rust has been returning each season since 1998 to delight Hartford Stage audiences in this holiday production. Originally cast as Mr. Fezziwig, Rust has switched roles a couple of times over the years…
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Inventing Scrooge

An Interview with Author Carlo DeVito

Have you ever stopped to wonder how and why Charles Dickens created these iconic characters? Wonder no more – Carlo DeVito, author of more than 15 popular non-fiction books, unravels many questions about Dickens and his “ghostly little book” with Inventing Scrooge
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Child Labor in Dickens’ Time

Children were frequently maimed, often worse

The burgeoning industrialization of Great Britain required a large and cheap workforce. Lenient labor laws made children a prime source of workers, and by 1830, children made up 50% of the workforce…
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The Industrial Revolution in Victorian England

“Steam is changing our entire way of life…”

The Victorian period in England’s history is a case study in stark contrasts: the beauty and richness of the aristocracy versus the poverty and depression of the poor working class. The middle class was essentially nonexistent…
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Meet the Staff: Erin Frederick

Education Enrollment & Marketing Coordinator

“I’m originally from the Philadelphia area, although I’ve lived all over the place throughout my career. I have a BFA in Musical Theatre from Ithaca College, so I actually started my career as a performer…”
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Short Takes

Sensory Activities, Acting Out, The Big Ticket

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