Meet the Artist

Q&A with Actor Zach Appelman

I’m really excited to explore what happens after Hamlet starts to feign madness. He becomes so unpredictable, so dangerous. His mind works incredibly quickly. There’s a lot of different ways those scenes can go, endless options. It’s a wonderful opportunity as an actor to challenge yourself…
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Three Takes

Director Darko Tresnjak discusses Hamlet

Erin Frederick, Education Enrollment and Marketing Coordinator, recently talked to Darko Tresnjak, our Artistic Director and the Director of Hamlet, about his decision to helm Shakespeare’s greatest play at this time in history.
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Revenge Drama for an Uncertain Time

Also: The Three Surviving Versions of Hamlet

When Shakespeare sat down to write his Hamlet, he was writing within the form of the revenge drama (a tragedy whose hero is driven by the need for revenge for an injury— usually the death of a close relative), one of the most popular forms of Elizabethan theatre.
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Introducing Students to Theatre

Do you remember the first piece of live theatre you watched? For many Connecticut students this year’s production of Hamlet will forever occupy that important milestone in their memory. Hamlet marks the beginning of the InterACT season for the Hartford Stage Education Department.
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Hamlet in Pop Culture

Tales of Motorcycle Clubs, Lion Cubs and Klingons

Although Hamlet was written by William Shakespeare over 400 years ago, it continues to reign as one of the most imitated and relevant plays of our time.  Interpretations of Hamlet have popped up in some surprising places…
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Speak the Speech! Language in Hamlet

Also: A Conversation with Actress Kate Forbes

For over 400 years, the language of Shakespeare’s plays has moved audiences, inspired actors, and baffled many. Shakespeare’s complex texts can be confusing at first, but can also be decoded and spoken by all.
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