Three Takes

Three Takes

Director Darko Tresnjak discusses Hamlet

Erin Frederick, Education Enrollment and Marketing Coordinator, recently talked to Darko Tresnjak, our Artistic Director and the Director of Hamlet, about his decision to helm Hamlet at this time in history.

Why Hamlet Today?
“It is the greatest play ever written about the subject . . .”

Darko Discusses Why He Has Chosen To Do an Elizabethan Production
“What the religion does to the characters in the play . . . it informs how they view families; how they view parents; how they view sexuality—boyfriends and girlfriends. It shapes and often distorts and cripples all of the relationships in the play.”

Darko Discusses Casting the Role of Hamlet
“I had hoped to find a Hamlet in his 20’s that I wanted to work with . . .”

Filmed and Edited by Kimberly Shepherd, Marketing Apprentice