The Pianist of Willesden Lane

Mona Golabek

An Interview with Mona Golabek

The Connecticut Jewish Ledger

“I felt that if I could get the book published, I could inspire thousands of young people with the message contained in the book and the story, which is that if you have something to hold onto in the darkest of times, you can make your way through.”
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Facade Rendering

What’s Going On Outside?

Renovations at Hartford Stage

We will completely reconfigure the theatre’s entrance and main public spaces, mostly notably with the addition of a passenger elevator, which will be a soaring structure of glass and steel.
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James Lecesne

Meet the Artist

James Lecesne Joins Project: Transform

“I’m sure the kids at Project: Transform will have their own personal stories about these issues, and I’m fairly certain that they won’t have a problem sharing them. The question is – Will we listen?”
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Kindertransport, or Children’s Transport, was a rescue effort to aid Jewish children refugees in escaping Nazi Germany to seek asylum in Great Britain.
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Once Upon a Time…Summer Studio

This summer, fairy tales and adventure are the name of the game, and the halls of Classical Magnet School will be filled with the sounds of the music, laughter and creativity of Hartford Stage’s Youth Summer Studio.
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Meet the Staff

Jennifer Crookes Carpenter, Events Manager

“I’m a huge cheerleader for Hartford; and it’s thrilling to work at an institution that is celebrated right here, as well as around the world, as artistically excellent and consistently relevant. The specific mission of Hartford Stage and the art we produce makes me proud every minute.”
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