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Students from Adult Studio Discuss Acting for the Camera

By Grace Clark, Education Enrollment and Marketing Coordinator

Carly Oliver
Carly Oliver

Education @ Hartford Stage offers exciting theatre classes for adults of all skill levels. Some students are seasoned actors, others are just beginning learn the craft, and some are continuing to explore their interest in theatre. Adult Studio students Steve Gluck and Carly Oliver chat about what they learned after taking Acting for the Camera with Erica LuBonta last fall. Steve is a SAG/AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) with film and stage experience. Carly, this season’s Morningstar Education Apprentice at Hartford Stage, majored in theatre at California State University, Fresno, and has broad stage acting experience.

Why did you decide to take this class (Acting for the Camera) at Hartford Stage?

STEVE: I needed to sharpen my skills. If you’re not constantly studying, practicing and polishing your acting skills, you won’t be prepared when called for an audition.
CARLY: I had a lot of theatrical acting experience but had never acted on-camera. With this class, I was hoping to explore a medium that was foreign to me.      

How did it go? How did you grow as an actor?

STEVE: I got my confidence back and improved my skills.
CARLY: I learned the essentials of approaching a new style of acting — how to adapt my training in the theatre to a completely different medium.

Was there something that you gained from the class that was unexpected?

Steve Gluck
Steve Gluck

STEVE: I was introduced to the Meisner Technique
CARLY: I unexpectedly ended up working on a film project during the eight weeks that the class was in session, and I didn’t feel completely lost! I was able to apply many of the techniques that Erica taught us.

What did you like about the class?

STEVE: I liked the informality.
CARLY: The structure of the class was excellent. Erica dedicated time to acting basics as well as techniques specific to acting for the camera, practical advice for entering the acting industry, and on-camera opportunities during which students were able to be filmed and evaluate their own and others’ performances.

What was most challenging about this class?

STEVE: The Meisner, without question.
CARLY: For me, as a stage actor, the confines of acting on-camera felt very restrictive. The techniques required to play to a 300- to 400-seat house are very different from those required to reach an audience staring at your face magnified on a screen directly in front of them, but Erica was very helpful in assisting me and the other students in the class navigate these challenges.

Why would you recommend this class?

STEVE: It’s good for novices and helps keep experienced actors’ skills sharp.
CARLY: If you’re interested in going into the business of acting, Erica has a ton of firsthand experience in the industry. During the course of the class, she imparts her expertise on acting technique, as well as on how to approach and succeed in the industry – with tips on marketing yourself, finding work, and auditioning. Even if you’re not interested in pursuing acting professionally, and if you enjoy performing, the class is a fun creative outlet in a supportive environment where you can polish your skills.

What do you plan to do with what you learned? How will it help you?

STEVE: I’m better prepared for auditions.
CARLY: Although I don’t plan to pursue a career in acting for the camera, I feel that everything I can learn about my craft enriches me as an artist and, as a teacher myself, I am very glad I decided to take Erica’s class.

Hear from Acting for the Camera teacher Erica LuBonta!

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