Hinckley Allen

Production Sponsor Spotlight

An Interview with C. Robert Zelinger, Partner at Hinckley Allen

By Nicholas Denninger, Development Apprentice

C. Robert ZelingerWhy did Hinckley Allen start giving to Hartford Stage?

Hinckley Allen has a long tradition of supporting community endeavors in the cities in which we’re located. We have six offices on the east coast and Hartford is one of our offices; we review every year those community organizations that require support and that are integral to the fabric of our community. Hartford Stage is obviously one of those, so that’s why we’re supportive of the Stage in addition to many other organizations in the Hartford area.

How does giving to Hartford Stage fit into Hinckley Allen’s philanthropic goals? Why is giving to Hartford Stage important to you?

Hinckley AllenOne of the things we think about is that we have to attract lawyers to Hartford. Anything we can do to enhance the cultural environment here and be able to talk about some of the things that are going on in Hartford makes our job of recruiting easier. It’s better for all the people who work here to have those types of resources available to them. Hartford Stage is an award-winning theatre. It’s been around for a long time, it has a marvelous reputation, and it’s one of the crown jewels of the cultural scene in Hartford – so that’s why we support it.

Some of the other things that impress us about Hartford Stage are the education programs. It’s not just theatre for the wealthy. They do a lot of things within the Hartford school systems and in the surrounding towns’ school systems, and they do a lot with populations that otherwise may not have a chance to get to the theatre at all. That really is a wonderful benefit to the community, and that is one of the things which is very impressive about the Stage.