The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey

March 30 - April 23

Written and Performed by James Lecesne
Directed by Tony Speciale
Original Music by Duncan Sheik

‘Absolute Brightness’ is about the disappearance of Leonard Pelkey, a flamboyant 14-year-old who has been bullied by his peers. Critically-acclaimed actor and writer James Lecesne (I Am My Own Wife at Hartford Stage, the writer of the Academy Award-winning Trevor) portrays a tough New Jersey detective, a withdrawn teenage girl, a brusque yet gentle hairdresser and a dozen other intriguing characters as they join forces to solve a mystery that will forever change their lives. The New Yorker called it, "A whodunit with a heart of gold.”


Playwright James Lecesne Director Tony Speciale Set Design Jo Winiarski Costume Design Paul Marlow Lighting Design Matthew Richards Sound Design Christian Frederickson Projection Design Aaron Rhyne Original Music Duncan Sheik Original Animation and Photography Matthew Sandager Stage Manager Hannah Woodward


All roles James Lecesne


Absolute Brightness B-roll

Sneak Peek: The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey

"A Whodunnit With a Heart of Gold!"

Finding Absolute Brightness


James LecesneJames LecesneJames LecesneJames Lecesne

All photos by Matthew Murphy.


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