StageNotes: Jeeves & Wooster

Meet the Artist: Director Sean Foley

Associate Artistic Director Elizabeth Williamson discusses bringing Jeeves & Wooster in “Perfect Nonsense” to American Audiences. Watch Video

Sean Foley

Meet the Cast: Arnie Burton and Eddie Korbich

Arnie Burton (Jeeves) and Eddie Korbich (Seppings) discuss recreating P.G. Wodehouse’s iconic British characters on the American stage. Watch Video

Cast video

Meet the Stage Manager: Lori Lundquist

During performances we make sure the crew has done their presets and prepared the stage, props, and costumes for the performance. We make sure everyone is safe at all times. I call the “cues” to the crew, so if lights, sound, or set moves don’t happen at the right time, it is usually because I have not said “Go” when I was supposed to.”  Read more…

Lori Lundquist

The Evolution of Perfect Nonsense

It was only when looking for material for a one-man show that I picked up a Jeeves and Wooster book in the cold light of day and realised what a comic genius Wodehouse really was. I also discovered that some of his best material was being filtered through the mouthpiece of Bertie Wooster. Read more…

Goodale Brothers

P.G. Wodehouse

P.G. Wodehouse is widely considered, as Sebastian Faulks put it, “the best English comic novelist of the century.” He began publishing at the turn of the twentieth century, writing short stories and novels about life at boys’ schools, and the occasional song for the musical theatre stage. Read more…

PG Wodehouse

High School Playwrights Write On to the Stage

Krista DeVellis, Education Associate at Hartford Stage and Write On Coordinator, said the program this season has dynamic participants chosen from among two dozen applicants, all with a story to tell. “The participants this year are bright, creative, and insatiably curious,” said DeVellis. “They have been truly writing, reading and growing before our eyes!” Read more…

Write On

Lights Up on Hartford Stage

Hartford Stage held a unique donor event, Lights Up on Hartford Stage, on Wednesday, January 30, which brought together over 30 donors who share an interest in the technical and backstage work of our theatre. Read more…

Donor Lighting Event

Meet the Staff: Jacqui Pomeranski, Draper

“I spent a few years in New York City working for a high end, ready-to-wear fashion designer – making the designs for his fall and spring shows, as well as prepping the patterns for grading/re-sizing for production for the stores that purchased the designs.” Read more…

Meet the Staff

Short Takes

A look at our lobby; Anastasia closes on Broadway; the 2019/2020 Season; Meet the Makers; Melia Bensussen directs; Summer Studio; Panel discussion; Future Perfect Project; Raisin; The Flamingo Kid. Read more…

P.G. Wodehouse